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The Journey

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Runtime 91 minutes 

March 21, 2016

(Currently Streaming)


BRANDON is a sensitive young man who is unsure if he will marry his girlfriend. He invites TK, the guy he purchased the car from for the

road trip, JERA, a young lady he met at speed dating, and Jera invites her friend NATALIE from adult magic class. The four drive

toward Utah to see the Bonneville Salt Flats. 

To pass the time the 4 friends talk about each other's lives and joke
with one another. Jera tells a funny story of 'the perfect murder'

which causes Brandon to tell his own story of 'the perfect drug deal'. The friends quickly realize Brandon's story is very specific and Natalie

asks if they are indeed transporting drugs. He admits they are indeed transporting cocaine...they are now accessories after the fact. 

The entire feature film was shot in a single day with only 2 Sony Action Cams. 

I'm Your Father

Genre: Drama

Runtime 50 minutes

March 28, 2016

(Currently Streaming)


Jera receives a letter from her biological father wanting to reconnect with his daughter. After battling a severe heroine addiction the past twenty years, he has kicked the habit and wants to make amends with the daughter he never knew. 


Jera flies to Portland to confront him. She visits with friends all the while harboring the secret of her true reason for visiting. 

This feature film was shot in 3 days while running 2 "crews" of just themselves. Brandon shot in Los Angeles while Jera flew to Portland and shot her parts there. Neither knew entirely what the other was filming until they got into the editing room.

Zombie Cop

Genre: Mockumentary / Comedy / Buddy Cop

Runtime 59 minutes

April 4, 2016

(Currently Streaming)


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A young female officer has become the first Zombie Cop in LAPD history. No longer a threat, zombies have evolved into coherent beings with needs like everyone else.


Followed by a documentary crew, Stephanie, a Zombie and Sgt. Weaver, a human, team up as a SWAT duo. Today is their much deserved day off. Unfortunately, instead of getting street burritos and hitting the arcade the team get a domestic disturbance call in West Hollywood where one wife is threatening to cut off the other wife's boob for cheating on her.

The entire feature film was shot in 2 days (with only 2 Sony Action Cams.) 


Genre: Thriller / Drama / Comedy

Runtime 48 minutes 18 secs 

April 11, 2016

(Currently Streaming)


Two software engineers create an anti-crime app which ultimately

gets them killed. 


Silicon Valley is not for the faint of heart and these scrappy

upstart tech entrepreneurs have made powerful enemies.  


After creating the anti-crime app Gotcha!, Zoe and Gracie film the right people doing the wrong thing.  Without thinking of the long term consequences the two of them use Gotcha! to securely upload the

footage to the local police department.


This film was shot entirely in 1 day.

The Way Up

Genre: Drama / Rap / Comedy

Runtime 56 minutes 21 secs (April 18, 2016) (Currently Steaming)

A teenage rap duo dream of making it big in Los Angeles, California.
neXt (Brandon Weaver) and Diane "Lil" Niggit (Jera Sky) hit the streets

to collect and recycle bottles in hopes of getting enough money to

record their rap demo. Determined to rise out of poverty

and their drug ridden streets, they spend the day fantasizing a

life where they rap, travel the world and can eat anything but

street pizza. 
This feature film was shot entirely in 1 day with only Jera Sky and

Brandon Weaver, owners of PuppyDragon Film Co.  

PuppyDragon Film Co. has pioneered the new minimalist micro budget feature film and have produced several features including: The Journey, Zombie Cop, I'm Your Father, and Gotcha!.


The Arbitration

Genre: Comedy

Runtime 63 Minutes 1 sec (April 25, 2016) (Currently Steaming)


A couple tries to divorce amicably through arbitration but find the

arbitrator and lawyer making the situation more difficult.

Colleen Jackson (Madeline DeCourecy) has convinced her soon to be

ex-husband Terry Jackson (Patrick Dailey) to divorce using an

arbitrator of her choosing. The spiritual guru arbitrator (Jera Sky)

seems to be more on Colleen’s side but luckily Terry has retained a

lawyer to protect his interests. Unfortunately his lawyer Ben Steele

(Brandon Weaver) has started dating his soon to be ex-wife.
This feature film was filmed in 1 day with only Madeline DeCourcey

Patrick Dailey and the owners of PuppyDragon Film Co. Brandon & Jera.  


A Monster Mistake

Genre: Undead / Comedy

Runtime: 52 minutes (May 2, 2016) (Currently Streaming)


A young woman awakens, after a heavy night of partying, to find she has made a 'monster' mistake with a mummy. 


JP, the mummy, has finished his mandatory monster military service (MMMS) with the Army Reserve and is very depressed. He hits the bar and picks up a white woman in hopes of having someone to celebrate with. JP, instead of being a gentleman, tries aggressive pick-up artist moves to get her to stay, but she only stays out of guilt since he seems so sad.





The Hollywood Witch

Genre: Comedy / Sociocultural / Supernatural

Runtime 60 minutes 51 secs (May 9, 2016) (Currently Streaming)


A witch, who lives in her store, is being evicted to make room for new condominiums in Hollywood.   She is fighting the gentrification of the area and the police arrive to escort her away but she will not leave without her ghost husband. 

Santa's Christmas

Genre: Comedy / Holiday

Runtime 74 minutes 50 secs (May 16, 2016) (Currently Streaming)


Santa Claus celebrates Christmas with a brunch with her mechanic, Mike, and her daughter Eleanor.  She wishes to make Eleanor her heir to the Santa Claus mantle, but Brailan, Santa's boyfriend, wants to become Santa himself.


The Battle for Santa is On!

Chasing Your Dreams

The Story of PuppDragon Film Co.


Genre: Documentary

Runtime 57 minutes 55 secs (May 23, 2016) (Currently Streaming)

Jera Sky and Brandon Weaver have figured out a formula to create the feature films they always wanted to be in as kids with the most minimalist  budget ever. In 10 months they completed 10 feature films. Watch as they change their lives and put their relationship on the line in order to become movie stars, filmmakers and running the most sought after up and coming film company, PuppyDragon. 



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Jera Sky
Brandon Weaver


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